2022/11/13 Added the super cool things page, all that's on there rn tho is my guy silly :) I also transfered over all my updates finally, so this website has a whole new look!

2022/09/10 Finished and linked the new NOTEBOOK page, both new CSS and HTML.

2022/09/6 Switched to Classes instead of ID's, added an about page.

2022/09/5 I reformatted some things a bit to the left and added in the Elizabeth picture.

2022/09/04 I added a collection page and made formatting a little bit easier for me + desktop only warning. All that is on the collection page currently is the Webkinz section.

2022/09/04 I added a CBox and a blinkies scrollbox. The positioning code for the blinkies is atrocious, please do not replicate.

2022/09/04 I have completed the homepage for my website. I will move my code from my computer to Neocities later today. This is officially the launch of SATURN7!

You have reached the beginning of SATURN7! If you are interested in the innerworkings of this website feel free to use the developer tools to look around!