11.17.2023 i added evil matchmaker aka toxic waste. the idea of that page is a lot less straightforward than matchmaker... i tried to explain it best i could though. it's basically just matchmaker but for like enemies? anyways it's there now. i'll add more in the future.
11.9.2023 i changed the css for my notebook page and added some entries i hadn't uploaded.
10.29.2023 i made a ships page... there isn't much on it rn but eh. i'll fix that later.
10.27.2023 cleaned up the manga shelf a bit and added some more information for my fav manga (when i first read it, how many times i've read it and my thoughts).
10.12.2023 welcome to the start of saturn 7 version 3.5 (ignore that this is the second brand new index in one week!)
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welcome to saturns seven rings... let me take your coat! make yourself at home and all that. i'm julian and this is my website. you can call it saturn's seven rings, personally, i call it a poorly coded clownshow. you can think of this place as my embarrassing shoebox full of unsent love notes. i basically just put whatever i want in here, i've got shrines to our anime overlords and a dusty old manga shelf and one of those girly diaries that come with a crappy little padlock. nothing here keeps to a cohesive theme, so while this page is b/w the next button you click could lead you to a pink wonderland! i started this place because i hate tiktok so so so so bad it's like if the devil wasn't cool. not just tiktok i hate all modern social media except maybe tumblr which i tolerate on a good day. also because i love the sound of my own voice (could you tell?). erm what else am i supposed to include here... oh yeah! this website is perpetually stuck in 2009 just like me, i love love love edgy anime for preteen girls even though none of those words really apply to me. big fan of shoujo romance, i'm the kicking feet and giggling type. uh i don't get up to anything too crazy on here, sometimes i talk about the disturbing antics of DC authors but all that is tagged accordingly! my website doesn't have an age restriction or nsfw or wtv but i AM trusting y'all to know yourselves well enough to say "this ain't for me" and click off! live and let live as they say ♡ you can learn more about me in the about julian tab at the top of the navbar. once you're thoroughly sick of me consider checking out the websites of the lovely people in the marquee at the bottom of my page!

little updates to prove i'm still alive:

2.6.2024 yikes i died for a little while there. coming back to say that i think it says a lot about me as a person that the first time that i ever felt represented as someone w/ ADHD in media was gary smith from rockstar's bully. like mr. "i didn't take my meds so i'm going to put the entire plot of the game into motion". idk he feels like he actually has ADHD to me. lol.

11.20.2023 there is something wrong with matchmaker... the images load just fine on my phone but are broken on my computer. sometimes everything past the kirisuna page doesn't show up at all... very annoying. i am definitely supposed to be doing schoolwork right now but i think i'll watch the deadpool movie instead or something... i need to make a page so i can rec youtube videos. i have this playlist of vocaloid covers of english songs that i adore. its so janky because most of it is 2007 miku covers and miku Was Not designed to sing in english. i've got going to california and paranoid and a ton of other stuff on there. i'll make a rec page where i can link it but i'll also put it here i guess. julian's playlist of english vocaloid covers.

11.10.2023 i have been working on an evil version of matchmaker for ships that i am obsessed with but don't ship... like i think there's something going on there and i desperately need to prove it or i'll lose my mind but i don't actually think they should be dating. this is primarily about batjokes because like... come on man "i never thought it would end like this. him. me. our blood on each others lips." (batman: europa), "every breath you take you owe to me." (the joker: devil's advocate) "oh, don't act all surprised, bats. you knew this was going to happen sooner or later. me, stuck deep inside you." (batman: arkham knight) "come on, baby! beat me 'til your knuckles bleed..." (batman: arkham origins) "we're a team, bats. admit it! that's our dynamic. all that's missing is the make-up sex." (batman: white knight #1). all of these are real things they've said to or about each other. except for the arkham knight one which is a hallucination which i'd argue is GAYER. also "make-up sex" is bolded in white knight for some reason lmfao. what was i talking about? i just started listing stuff off the top of my head... oh yeah! evil matchmaker coming soon, but most of my effort there is probably just going to be me compiling all of the stuff these two say to each other because they make me insane. maybe i should make a batjokes shrine...

10.18.2023 every day i want to pretend this website is being updated in 2013 but i have a hard enough time telling what is real and what is fake as is, so i will not be doing that. i want to watch chobits. there's uh? a youtube video by tama hero i think. that i watched when i was... hrm. --? i just went to tama hero's page and went allll the way to the very bottom and the video isn't there.? am i making this up? i vividly remember watching a tama hero video where she counts down her top ten favorite anime but i can't find mention of the video anywhere. i could be making this up but i have weirdly good memory of every tama hero video i've ever watched (i remember where i was and what i was doing when i watched her games for girls video which came out seven years ago). will update later if i find it... reddit seems to be down as i'm trying to research this so i will go get lunch and come back to this later...

10.12.2023 hi idk why i made the update box so big i don't have that much to say... update i am on a quest to watch a ton of cartoons for 7-12 year old boys. i watched a lot of digimon as a kid so... here is the list of shows i am planning to watch (if the show has multiple versions i want to watch all of them!): digimon, ben 10, danny phantom, transformers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, yu-gi-oh, beyblades, bakuman, spiderman, teen titans... will add more as i think of them... i've already watched a fair big of yu-gi-oh and am enjoying it so far... big fan of joey wheeler (jounouchi katsuya? i'm watching the english dub because vibes but it still seems weird to me to call him joey idk)... want to be just like him when i grow up ← says the guy who is literally older than him. oh wow i filled the box! look at me go.
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