First Post!

September 9th 2022 | Evening
Topic: Just talking
Mood: Sleepy

I put together this blog page set up today :) I hope to add in a navbox and some decor on the left of this image, maybe I'll also add space for a cute picture next to the post title! I always end up working on this website for hours without even meaning to. It's like I completely lose track of time.

I think it would be benificial to record my account of what was going on yesterday since it was such a chaotic day. So, firstly there was Sanssweep and Reigensweep, the Twitter poll for Best Tumblr Sexyman. Personally I don't think Reigen really qualifies as a Tumblr Sexyman but his inclusion was incredibly funny so that's all that really matters. Then there's all these pictures of Chris Pine, looking just absolutely miserable and out of it, I honestly don't really know anything about that man or what left him looking so empty but the pictures were pretty silly. Then I guess the big one, the Queen of England falls ill and passes. Many people on Tumblr find out from memes of the two Supernatural dudes in the superhell scene that say "I love you" "There is no Queen of England". Even more posts circulate claiming the shock of Reigen losing the Twitter Poll is what took her out, leading to people claiming Sans Undertale killed the Queen of England. mm I think that's it, though I could be missing something as 99% of my Tumblr feed is just Brisket Guilty Gear.

Now that that's over and done with I would like to talk about my experience programming this website! I've greatly enjoyed it thus far, HTML and CSS are surprisingly easy to grasp! I felt very overwhelmed when I started this venture some few months ago, I worked on a home page for weeks that had nothing on it but a button saying Click to Navigate. Then I forgot to save and all gone! But I think that was the chance I needed to really make something I could be proud of. Fun fact: the first draft of this website had a pastel glitchcore theme. Anyways, I've been really enjoying this! It gives me a sense of creative expression that my writing does not, of course I still love writing but this is a nice addition to my hobbies :) also I rarely just stare at the screen going "what do i do??" like I do when writing so that's a plus for sure.

I think I'm done with the blog post, I just needed text to fill the box while I format everything so I figured I would take a break and write this. It's time to get back to coding!