this is the page where i will talk about all the silly ships that make my cold dead heart believe in love... i don't actually really ship much anymore... most of my interest in fictional relationships is less "awh they're so cute" and more "fucked up thought experiment never talk to each other ever again" but there are still a few left kicking around that make my heart grow grinch-style... i will include why i care about these ships, how i started shipping them, any headcanons i have and "proof" if it applies (i don't typically ship stuff based on how "canon" it is but eh, it's fun to put on my little conspiracy theorist hat from time to time). i am a romance manga girlie so a lot of these will probably be canon anyways. some of these are going to be skewed to me talking about why i like them so much (chemistry, dramatic moments etc) and some of these are going to be skewed to me talking about all my hcs. just depends on how much i like the source material.
why they are special to me: kirisuna is like... my original ship tbqh... like i don't really care for sao anymore because... misogyny... poor writing... etc... but as i write about in my asuna shrine, i have like a very complex SAO AU that haunts me... i also really like kirisuna from something witty entertainment's sword art online abridged, while it would typically go on the heartbreak page i figure it's just easier to include it in here with the main kirisuna ship.
my silly little headcanons: uh i have quite a few, t guy kirito is very important to me i think trans storylines fit in really well with the premise of SAO... i think there is a lot of interesting things to be said about trans people escaping online where they can be their true selves without having to like... convince people that they are their gender. uh but back to kirisuna, they're both trans to me, asuna is a trans woman and kirito is trans guy (but sometimes i also hc him as non-binary, depends on the day). i think they really struggle with each other's transness at first, i think at first it's a really big point of contention between them, my asuna and my kirito are both very bitter people, especially at first (remember! they are like 14/15 at the beginning, they are in prime angst years), i think they were often very jealous of each other "i would kill to have been born with their body and they're trying to change it to be more like the one i so desperately hate?" not all of the characters i hc as trans are particularly binary but these two are, they both want to be stealth, they both have very idealistic/unrealistic ideas of what it means to be a man/woman. ummm i could go on forever about how they start out being horribly angry at each other over their transness and then learn to love each other and support each other as they become more comfortable with themselves, but i have other hcs i want to talk about soooo... um i think they see themselves as a sun and moon couple but they each view themselves as the moon and the other as the sun. i think they're silly like that. ummm they would be the couple that had animal crossing dates during the pandemic but they would grief each others islands 100%
why they are special to me: oh god there are so many reasons harlivy are special to me. um the two big ones: 1. the harley quinn show was my first main foray into the DC universe. i watched almost the entire first season with two of my closest friends. it was our last big get together before one of them went across the country for school so those memories are really precious to me. and of course i am sooo happy to have gotten into DC (FALSE! BATMAN IS RUINING MY LIFE!) and i might never have done so if it weren't for this show! the hq show isn't my favorite thing anymore. i'm not crazy about the art style (reminds me of episode... sorry...) and while i find the humor pretty good for the most part it just isn't my kind of show idk. i did really like it when i watched it though and the development of harley's relationship with her crew and ivy was really sweet. um my other reason! gay people! wow! um as far as i can remember, harlivy was the first gay relationship that was important to a show i'd watched. like i'd seen stuff where there were gay side characters but never anything like the hq show when they were The Couple. that was really special to me. i mean when i was a kid there were never gay people on tv right? people like me just didn't get talked about and they were especially never central (i mean it still feels that way about the transgender thing but not talking about that right now. i'm being joyful.) so seeing harley and ivy kiss each other because they capital L Loved each other? god i can't even describe it, it's something you have to experience for yourself. especially with how well their relationship developed. so yeah! these guys mean a lot to me. i love them in recent comics. as i'm writing this i'm waiting for poison ivy (2022) 16 to come out and i can't wait to see them reconnect and work things out (praying to our DC overlords).
how i started shipping them: harley quinn show next question.
headcanons: uh i don't really have any. i don't brainrot about them like i do a lot of the ships on her, they just make me feel warm and fuzzy when i think about them.
proof: literally canon lol. maybe i'll include some pre-canon moments once i start reading older comics.
why they are special to me: i mean just look at these guys common man... they're so annoying. like goddamn! the next time marvel refers to their relationship as a "bromance" i'm going to start picking off members of their marketing team one by one. like... the FIRST THING dp does upon meeting spiderman is talk about how cute he was in his movie. like. be for real. be serious. but urg i'll save all that for the proof section because this is one of few ships that i would argue for being at least somewhat canon. like no it isn't "confirmed" but there is literally no explanation for the way dp behaves... um anyways why they're special to me... um... i think they work really well together mostly. also i just... it is an absolute joy whenever they're on the same page. like they're just so funny. DP genuinely trying to be a better person is so heartwarming to me and i just. urg. i want what they have man i want what they have. is that so much to ask???
how i started shipping them: i literally just read that one issue of the dp and cable comic and the spider-man/deadpool teamup comic. like idk how you could read any of the stuff they're in together and not ship it with the way they behave
headcanons: welcome back to julian hits characters with the transray (which i do own btw). peter is trans. obviously. this is relevant to this discussion because i am a firm believer that peter would come out to wade and wade would just make an absolute mess of it. he'd freak out a little because "oh my god spidey's telling [him] something important he trusts [him] omg don't fuck this up (insert completely inappropriate joke)" but i think peter would a. just be relieved that wade isn't like. transphobic. and b. be so shocked by how badly dp fumbled that one. that he would just sit there for a good minute, giving wade a chance to correct himself and apologise and be normal about it. also he would 100% ask "which way?" that is how he would word it. i don't think wade is at all transphobic (tbh he is trans and just doesn't know it yet. to me) i just think he lacks a filter and doesn't really know much about trans people. like he 100% believes that trans people are super chill and their gender and just a normal part of life. but he does not know how to not put his foot in his mouth to save his life. um honestly most of the other stuff that would usually go in hcs is just... canon... they're so fucking coupley it's disgusting.
proof: i'll add some comic panels here when i get the chance...