reading now
My Love for Yamada-kun at Lv999
(2019) (C102)
The Troublesome Feelings of The
Otaku and Yankee Crossdressers
(2018) (C39)
Nana (2000) (V4)
Bakuman (2008) (V1)
favorite manga
Vampire Knight (2004)
first read: at 8yrs
times read: 2.5
thoughts: not very good tbh i
only like it because of nostalgia
but the art is so pretty so it's
okay. i DO NOT recommend!
My Love For Yamada-kun at Lv999
first read: last year (2022)
times read: just once
thoughts: i really like this one!
it's what got me back into shoujo
She Loves to Cook and She Loves
to Eat (2021)
first read: 2021
times read: twice!
thoughts: i love more mature yuri
stories. they feel like real women
living real lives. this series makes
me kick my feet and giggle but it
also makes me feel seen!
The Troublesome Feelings of The
Otaku and Yankee Crossdressers
first read: as a high schooler
times read: 3. will reread soon
thoughts: they're yuri to me.
honestly this series makes my
feeble heart go pitter patter. it's
my number one comfort manga,
no matter how bad things get
these guys will always cheer me up!
Ouran High School Host Club
first read: as an eight year old
times read: 3, once as an adult
thoughts: i recently reread this
series after having it only be a
faded memory for many years.
it is genuinely very touching and
hatori is a genius of character
writing. too bad the anime had to
cut so much out. especially in
regards to the twins & honey...
Library Wars: Love & War
first read: in childhood
times read: 4ish maybe more
thoughts: urg they're so silly
this series was like my number
one thing as a weird not quite
tween. i still want to work as
a librarian, even if just for a
little while, and i think this
manga is probably at fault.
Run Away With Me, Girl (2018)
first read: 2023
times read: once
thoughts: urg this made me cry
a lot. can't recommend it enough
but make sure to heed the
content warnings for abuse
because it is pretty focal to
the story
Last Gender: When We
Are Nameless (2021)
first read: 2023
times read: just once
thoughts: hrm. i love when gender
and sexuality aren't sanatized
to fit into neat little boxes that
allocishets will approve of i don't
want to make myself palatable, i
want to be loved as is and this
manga made me feel very validated
in that.