HI welcome to the asuna page! this page is about asuna from popular anime and manga series sword art online! it will (eventually) include information about her, headcannons, critiques of her writing, ways she could be improved (especially in fairy dance arc), information about my roleswap AU, figures of her i want, manga images and more general sword art online stuff !

asuna was one of my first anime girl crushes and even though i'm a lot more critical of SAO's writing than i was as a tween, i still really like her and i have a ton of headcannons ect about her!! also it's my duty as an asuna fan to spread non-canon ideas about her, especially in relation to the fairy dance arc!

yes i know asuna is like the most basic of basic anime crushes but i like her in a way that is specialer and more feminist than everyone else /j

so who is asuna?

ASUNA YUUKI is one of the 10, 000 players who were trapped in VRMMO Sword Art Online. in SAO she was considered to be one of the strongest CLEARERS in the whole game. she was matched only by KIRITO. on march 31st 2023, ASUNA joined the KNIGHTS OF THE BLOOD OATH, who would eventually become the strongest guild in SAO. while much of ASUNA’s time in SAO was focused on clearing the game, she also found time to make friends. she became friends with a number of people, including KIRITO, AGIL, KLEIN, ARGO and LISBETH. on october 23rd 2024, ASUNA and KIRITO became engaged and took a vacation from the KNIGHTS OF THE BLOOD OATH. on october 25th of the same year, KIRITO and ASUNA purchased FOREST HOUSE K4 on FLOOR 22. while on their honeymoon, KIRITO and ASUNA meet YUI, who appeared to be a young girl around the age of nine. figuring she is a child player without a parent, they decided to foster her temporarily. however, while on an outing to save THINKER, the leader of the AINCRAD LIBERATION FORCE, ASUNA and KIRITO were attacked by a FATAL SCYTHE. when they were mortally endangered, YUI revealed herself to be an emotional support AI who had been unable to interact with AINCRAD until recently. she used her admin privileges to delete the FATAL SCYTHE but this flagged her for deletion. before she could be deleted, KIRITO stored her data in an item called MHCP001, otherwise known as YUI’S HEART, so she could be accessed after the completion of SAO. on november 7th, ASUNA, KIRITO and other high level CLEARERS, left to defeat THE SKULL REAPER on FLOOR 75. KIRITO realized that HEATHCLIFF, the leader of the KNIGHTS OF THE BLOOD OATH, was actually AKIHIKO KAIYABA, the creator of SAO. KAIYABA agreed to log everyone out of SAO if KIRITO could beat him in a duel. he inflicted paralysis on all the other players. when KIRITO was about to lose the duel, ASUNA broke out of the paralysis and jumped in front of KAIYABA’s sword, sacrificing her life for the future of all of AINCRAD. KIRITO used this opportunity and defeated KAIYABA, using ASUNA’s sword. SAO was cleared and all the survivors except for 300 were logged out. ASUNA was included in the 300 players still logged in. ASUNA discovered she was being trapped in ALFHEIM ONLINE, a game based off of the code for SAO. in ALO, she was trapped in a large bird cage atop the WORLD TREE. there she met OBERON THE FAIRY KING, who had been promised her hand in marriage in the real world and was keeping her in ALO until the wedding, with plans to use the 300 SAO players as test subjects for mind control. on january 2nd 2025, KIRITO, YUI and KIRITO’s sister LEAFA, saved ASUNA from the WORLD TREE and she was finally returned to the real world.