hello~ i'm mars and this is my goofy little webiste. i love this place dearly but please keep in mind it is held together by spaghetti and craft glue at the moment...

anywayyy as i said i'm mars, i spend a frankly troubling amount of time surfing the web, i like video games and kids tv. i have a lot of hobbies and i'm mediocre at all of them. my favorite animals are moths and i have a cat who i love more than anything in the whole wide world. i love overthinking the things i like, particularly pokemon.

when i'm not drowning in schoolwork i spend my time watching anime, playing video games, making way too complex projects with kids crafts, reading manga and programming. i also write sometimes (both fiction and informal essays) but i've been burnt out and writers blocked for nearly a year so.

i made this website almost entirely to teach myself html/css (hoping 2 learn java soon), i also never shut up about the things i like so that will probably extend here. if i have it in me i'll add some website templates. i also just really hate the commercialization of the internet (big word omg) and this felt like my best escape.

'k i think that's it XD this website is a constant work in progress and things will probably be broken. okay sorry bye ♡
currently watching:
stuff i like!
ANIME: sailor moon, madoka magica, pretty cure, cardcaptor sakura, do it yourself!!, high score girl, princess jellyfish, ouran high school host club, soul eater, assassination classroom, vampire knight, tokyo mew mew

MANGA + LIGHT NOVELS: library wars, she loves to cook she loves to eat, adachi to shimamura, pokemon special, vampire knight, ouran high school host club, from far away, snow white with the red hair, i want to hold aono-kun so badly i could die

VIDEO GAMES: persona 3/4/5, the world ends with you, pokemon, mario, zelda, animal crossing, webkinz, moshi monsters, danganronpa, ib, witch's heart, mad father, yume nikki, corpse party, we know the devil, bandori, enstars, project sekai, d4dj, trauma center, advance wars, fire emblem, ace attorney, yokai watch, slime rancher, terraria, street fighter, kirby, harvest moon, your turn to die, pokemon tcg online, identity v